Piano Classes

Piano lessons absolutely can be fun and engaging to any child, if taught creatively and with the right tools.Piano Programs at the Soul Sounds Academy are designed for students from 3 years old to adults.  Young beginners (3 to 5) are evaluated for readiness.  From the first piano class, we customize a personal program just for you.

  • One time registration fee of 2000/ applies to join the academy.
  • Monthly fee applies
  • Conducted on all days except Wednesdays
  • Individual Classes – ( to include theory classes as well)
  • Classes are held on ,
  • Monday 3-7pm.
  • Wednesday 4-7pm.
  • Thursday 2-7pm.
  • Friday 2-7pm.
  • Saturday Mornings 8.30am -2pm.
  • Fees vary according to the grade, starting from SLR 2000 (Registration fee of 2000 has to be paid at time of enrolling)

Classes conducted by

Louisa David – FTCL, LRSM (Piano & Violin) Hon IWMS ( Head of Piano)
Hafeela Akbar
Nishantha Warnakulasuriya
Don Ruwini

Exams offered  : ABRSM,and Trinity London

ABRSM_exams-sri-lanka-small trinity[1]

Age Group : 5 upwards